Creating Postfix Mail Server


Below are the steps included in creating the Postfix Mail server:

#yum install postfix*

#chkconfig postfix on

#service postfix restart

Postfix configuration file: /etc/postfix/

#vim /etc/postfix/

Here in this config file search for the word ‘ inet ‘ and remove the hash symbol at inet-interfaces = all

Add hash symbol at localhost i.e.

#inet_interfaces = localhost

Remove # from myorigin i.e.

myorigin = $mydomain

Write an additional line like

mydomain =

write additional line like:

myhostname =

mydestination =$myhome, localhost.$mydomain, localhost, all

save the file and exit

Now restart the service i.e.

#service postfix restart

Now add the users that you wish to have this mail server.

Lets suppose 2 users like user1 & user2:

Now from the client side these two users can mail to each-other.

Example: If user1 have to send mail to user2 then: